Crypto space is moving incredibly fast and changing constantly. The only way to thrive and grow in this market is to stay relevant and adaptive. With that in mind, we have mapped out below key pillars in our growth plan, from Product, Security to Marketing and Community.
In order to achieve a more balanced approach and capture the most value in this fast-expanding Polygon ecosystem, this roadmap shall adapt and evolve as we move along. Nevertheless, as a Community-Centric and Security-Focus project, we will never compromise Security for speed. SAFU will always be on top of our priority list, in everything we do. All roadmap, planning and execution should eventually contribute towards PolyDEX’s ultimate vision: To become the No. 1 AMM, multi-chain IDO platform, yield farming on Polygon.
PolyHERO ✔️ PolyHERO product full launch
PolyIDO ✔️ PolyDEX IDO on Polygon and BSC ✔️ IDO for other projects with cross-chain ability
✔️ Add more farming pools
🔜 Vault for Farming projects at PolyDEX
✔️ Internal Peer Review
✔️ Unit Testing
✔️ Timelock set
✔️ External Security Audit : Techrate
✔️ Removing Proxy Contract
📅 Governance and/or DAO contract
Listing and Integration
✔️ Dapp, Dappradar 🔜 Coingecko, Coinmarketcap ✔️ 1inch integration 📅 Others platform intergration, including wallets, yield info, chart etc...
📅 NFT gamification: various profiles and usage, NFT as priority pass for IDO, NFT for life time rewards, NFT for membership and voting rights, and more ...
📅 NFTs market
Other Features and Products
📅 Polyto - Lottery
📅 Trading Battles
Product & Brand Awareness
Increase brand exposure/presence in key target areas
Product Education
Content Development, Distribution and Management
Brand Kit & guideline
Cross marketing with key Polygon ecosystem partners
Co-marketing & Anh campaigns with selected KOLs
Public & Media Relations
Presence on selected media channels
Community Development
Establish vibrant community on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Reddit
Strong support for key languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, VietNamese,Thailand
Ambassador Program
Community events, contests, mini-games
With this roadmap in place, we hope to make trading, swapping, farming accessible to every user on Polygon. We will continue to work on innovative products and solutions, to further improve users experience & benefits and bring about positive impacts to the blockchain community as a whole.
We invite all to join us in this quest! Let’s rock & roll, Poly Heroes..
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