PolyDEX's NFT Market

What is PolySTORE?

PolySTORE is PolyDEX’s NFT Market opened to creators, artists, dreamers and everyone else who are interested in NFT.
With PolySTORE, we aim to bring NFTs to the mass market, starting with the Polygon ecosystem.
PolySTORE is not only a home for all of your NFTs (MY WALLET), but also a market where you can exchange NFTs to enrich your collection and earn (NFT STORE).

How to use PolySTORE?

There is 2 function you can explore in PolySTORE:
A marketplace made for NFTs. Here you can buy NFTs other users are selling, and vice versa.
  • What you need: A wallet with enough balance
  • Buy NFT: Approve token → Click on “buy NFT” → Confirm successfully → Check NFT in MY WALLET (NFTs' status: available)
Here you can see all NFTs you have, and sell them, update prices, cancel selling, and also send NFTs to other wallets.
  • What you need: A wallet with a least one NFT
  • Sell NFT: Approve NFT to marketplace → Click on “sell” → Set price → Confirm successfully → NFT’s status is changed from “available" to “selling", also it's listed on NFT STORE
If your NFT is sold, your wallet balance will increase by an amount according to the selling price and contract
  • Update price: Click on “set price" → Input updated price → Confirm successfully → NFT's price is updated
  • Cancel: Click on “cancel" → Confirm successfully --> NFT’s status is changed from “selling" to “available", also it's removed from NFT STORE
  • Send: Click on “send" → Input valid wallet address → Confirm successfully → NFT is removed from your wallet and appears on receiver's wallet