PLX Tokenomics

With the upgrade from PLXv1 to PLXv2 (called PLX), the tokenomic is revised as below
- Max Supply(reduced over time): 1,000,000,000 PLX
- Pre-mint: 100,000,000
  • Burn 34,000,000 immediately (equal amount of PLXv1 has been burnt). This will immediately reduce Max Supply to 966M PLX
  • 50,000,000 for fPLX for IDO Buyer to continue their vesting
  • 16,000,000 for initial liquidity and insurance fund
- Emission: 900,000,000 (emission in 100w — halving 1.5% weekly)
  • Farming Incentive: 522,000,000 (58.00%)
  • Dev/Mkt/Airdrop: 234,000,000 (26.00%)
  • Insurance Fund: 74,250,000 (8.25%)
  • Lottery Fund: 24,750,000 (2.75%)
  • PLX Stakers: 45,000,000 (5.00%)

$PLX transaction fee

Since $PLX is a deflationary token, there will be a small fee for every $PLX transaction
Deflation: 1.0% per tx
  • 0.5% distributes to PolyHERO staking pool
  • 0.2% to add liquidity automatically and locked forever
  • 0.2% will be burnt from the supply forever
  • 0.1% to insurance fund

PLX trading fee and distribution

PLX applies a 0.1% trading fee (lowest in the market) to all trades with details as follows:
  • Up to 80% of trading fee will be used to buy PLX and pass back to users right away.
    • Hence the effective swap fee is at only 0.02% — Lowest in the market!
  • Project owners who list on PolyDEX will earn up to 20% of all trading fee relating to their tokens.