PLX Tokenomics
With the upgrade from PLXv1 to PLXv2 (called PLX), the tokenomic is revised as below
- Max Supply(reduced over time): 1,000,000,000 PLX
- Pre-mint: 100,000,000
    Burn 34,000,000 immediately (equal amount of PLXv1 has been burnt). This will immediately reduce Max Supply to 966M PLX
    50,000,000 for fPLX for IDO Buyer to continue their vesting
    16,000,000 for initial liquidity and insurance fund
- Emission: 900,000,000 (emission in 100w — halving 1.5% weekly)
    Farming Incentive: 522,000,000 (58.00%)
    Dev/Mkt/Airdrop: 234,000,000 (26.00%)
    Insurance Fund: 74,250,000 (8.25%)
    Lottery Fund: 24,750,000 (2.75%)
    PLX Stakers: 45,000,000 (5.00%)

$PLX transaction fee

Since $PLX is a deflationary token, there will be a small fee for every $PLX transaction
Deflation: 1.0% per tx
    0.5% distributes to PolyHERO staking pool
    0.2% to add liquidity automatically and locked forever
    0.2% will be burnt from the supply forever
    0.1% to insurance fund

PLX trading fee and distribution

PLX applies a 0.1% trading fee (lowest in the market) to all trades with details as follows:
    Up to 80% of trading fee will be used to buy PLX and pass back to users right away.
      Hence the effective swap fee is at only 0.02% — Lowest in the market!
    Project owners who list on PolyDEX will earn up to 20% of all trading fee relating to their tokens.
Last modified 3mo ago