About PolyDEX

#1 AMM on Polygon Network
Tired of exchanging on ETH with expensive transaction fees?
Struggling to find a farming platform with better returns?
Looking for a safer investment opportunity than the risky BSC platform?
It’s not only your wish, but also ours…
We are thrilled to introduce the latest AMM platform on the Polygon Network: PolyDEX, an AMM and yield farm on Polygon (MATIC), with innovative gamified farming mechanics and widening the investment range. PolyDex, 100% forked from PancakeSwap from Binance Smart Chain, allows users to exchange tokens, providing liquidity via farming and earning fees in return.

Why Polygon Network (Matic)?

As we all know, Binance Smart Chain has been the favorite destination of the ETH community after solving the problem of high transaction fees. However, now it faces many problems such as high transaction fees, network congestion, and security issues harming the investor fund.
Polygon is currently considered as a highly potential alternative because of its compatibility with EVM, helping ETH, BSC users switch over easily without the need to learn everything from the beginning. In addition, near-zero transaction fees also make investing and exchanging on this network very affordable.
We decided to fork 100% from Pancakeswap, which has been heavily audited and used, to give the community peace of mind as well as the comfortable to use.

Key features

  • Allowing users to swap assets
  • Providing liquidity earning swap fees and $PLX.
  • Farming PolyDEX native token: $PLX
  • IDO Launchpad
  • Polyto: Lottery Jackpot
  • NFT markets
  • Trading battle
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